Heidi Zin Artwork

Heidi Zin is a visual artist who specializes in creating mystical and visionary art that is based upon nature and the human spirit. Her art is thought provoking, inspirational and beautiful. She searches out healing both for the environment and our internal world because she feels they mirror one another.

What you see here is a sampling of years of inspired, personal, environmental and deeply evocative images. As you meander through the site, you’ll find an odyssey which represents years of personal healing bringing forth internal parts of many experiences, dreams, visions, meditations, emotions and a life transforming accident. This all leads to a depth of passion in her work. It is a chronological view of her healing art.

Zin’s work expresses many genres. It encompasses diverse materials and techniques. The pieces express deep realization about self and inspire introspection not only for the artist but for the viewer as well.

Her strengths and motivations include all kinds of water scenes, landscapes, and what she calls soul and spirit paintings as well as her use of color and drawing skills.  She has the ability to see and bring her visions onto paper or canvas.

Heidi Zin has achieved the ability to paint with her feet and body, she literally dances with color onto the surface.

Zin’s work is realistic yet at the same time transports the viewer into non ordinary reality. There are many themes that are oddly disturbing, beautiful and somehow hopeful.

It is her hope that what you see here is the fullness of her potential as a creative contributor in a way that has positive impact for the world.